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Social Justice

Spirituals give me a sense of unconditional love from God, knowing he is always there.

Spirituals in Worship

Music can be louder than words and for that reason we might fight and use music to change hearts.

Spirituals in Education

Spirituals cast a light showing where we were, but the choir singing provides an example of what our future might be.

About the Anna De Foe Collection

Anna De Foe

Anna De Foe is a composer and arranger of choral and vocal works as well as incidental pieces for small instrumental ensembles.

She currently serves as Pastoral Assistant for Music and Liturgy at St. Leo Parish in Tacoma, Washington. De Foe was titled winner of the 2013 Athena Award in Composition hosted by the Department of Music at Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. She earned her BA in piano performance and MA in music performance, with an emphasis in composition, from California State University, Fresno. She studied composition with Budd Udell, Jack Fortner, and Robert Strizich, and piano with Ena Bronstein, Patricia Dinkins, and Karen Waters.

De Foe has received commissions for choral works from choirs in Florida, California, Tennessee, Kentucky, Washington, and Idaho. Her music is published by E. C. Schirmer, National Music Publishers, and St. James Press. She currently resides in Tacoma, Washington.