Carl Nygard Jr.

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Carl Nygard Jr.

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Social Justice

Music is a tool which can be used to build and shape community.

Spirituals in Worship

Worshipping through spirituals gives you the chance to find yourself through God.

Spirituals in Education

Spirituals allow us to look deeper into the hardship and, ultimately resilience, of those who undertook such adversities.

About the Carl Nygard Jr. Collection

Carl Nygard Jr.

Carl J. Nygard Jr. is a resident of Pennsylvania, with degrees B.S. in Music Education, M.M. in Composition from West Chester University. More than 100 pieces of his choral music have been published. His music has been broadcast in Europe, Africa, South America, North America and Australia, and has been sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Cleveland Symphony Chorus and the 1,400-voice Ocean Grove (N.J.) Festival Choir, as well as church, school, college and community choirs across America. He and his wife, Dorian, are active in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, and are the proud parents of two grown