Immerse in choral works that resonate with deep spiritual and emotional significance, elevating the overall choral and choir experience.

As a dedicated choir director, you’re constantly seeking musical pieces that not only challenge your choir but also deeply move and engage your audience. In the world of choral music, some pieces stand out for their ability to captivate both singers and listeners alike. Two such remarkable compositions are “Go and Tell It” and “Keep Your Hand in God’s Plan.” These works are not just songs; they are journeys that elevate the musical experience of your choir and resonate with profound spiritual and emotional depth.

“Go and Tell It” – A Gospel-Rock Gem

Why It’s a Must-Have for Your Choir:

Exhilarating Start: The piano introduction sets a lively and invigorating tone, instantly capturing the attention of both the choir and audience.

Solo Opportunities: With parts for SATB and soloists, this piece offers a platform for the talented voices in your ensemble to shine, fostering a sense of individual achievement and spotlight.

Ad Lib Joy: The ad lib section injects a spontaneous and joyful spirit into performances, ensuring that each rendition of the song is unique and memorable.

Approachable for Various Skill Levels: Rated as easy to medium in difficulty, “Go and Tell It” is accessible for choirs of varying skill levels, making it a versatile choice for different groups.

Celebratory Finale: The concluding segment of this piece is as uplifting and grand as one could wish for, ensuring a powerful and lasting impression.


Go and Tell It – SATB, Solo

The moment the piano strikes its initial chords, the promise of an enjoyable experience unfolds. “Go and Tell It” is a dynamic gospel-rock rendition of a beloved carol, refusing to remain stationary and compelling everyone to join in. An improvised break adds an extra layer of joy that choirs will undoubtedly embrace. The conclusion delivers everything anticipated, making it a piece cherished by all who engage with it.

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Additional Insights:

Interactive Dynamics: The piece demands dynamic singing, engaging choir members in an active interpretation of volume and expression.

Cultural Significance: As a spiritual, this piece connects singers and listeners to a rich cultural and historical tradition.

Holiday Appeal: Perfect for the Christmas season, this piece adds a vibrant and contemporary twist to holiday concerts.

Practical Information:

Catalog #: BG2666

Arranger: Patti Drennan

Style: Spiritual, Gospel-Rock

Publisher: Fred Bock Music Company

Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Season: Christmas


“Keep Your Hand in God’s Plan” – An A Cappella Masterpiece

Why It’s a Choir Essential:

Distinctive Arrangement by Mark Butler: Known for his unique arrangements, Butler’s treatment of this traditional spiritual is both modern and deeply rooted in heritage.

A Cappella Challenge: Performing this piece a cappella brings a rewarding challenge, highlighting the choir’s vocal harmony and blend without instrumental support.

Solo Voices Highlight: Featuring solo voices, it provides a stage for individual singers to contribute significantly to the overall texture and emotion of the piece.

Musical Diversity: The spiritual style offers a contrasting soundscape, adding rich diversity to your choir’s repertoire.

Audience Engagement: The combination of intricate rhythms, lush harmonies, and expressive melodies makes this piece a joy for audiences, fostering a deep emotional connection.

Additional Insights:

Vocal Technique Development: The a cappella nature of this piece allows for focused work on intonation, blend, and dynamics.

Historical and Cultural Depth: Engaging with spiritual music opens doors to exploring important historical and cultural themes, adding educational value.

Year-Round Versatility: Unlike “Go and Tell It,” which is seasonal, “Keep Your Hand in God’s Plan” can be a powerful addition to programs throughout the year.

Practical Information:

Catalog #: HMC2555

Arranger: Mark Butler

Style: Spiritual

Publisher: Hinshaw Music



Keep Your Hand In God’s Plan – SATB

Derived from the classic spiritual “HOLD ON,” composer Mark Butler presents yet another arrangement that captures his distinct musical signature. This composition, crafted for unaccompanied mixed divisi chorus featuring solo voices, embodies Butler’s hallmark style with its vibrant rhythmic energy and rich harmonic textures.

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Revitalize Your Choir: Explore ‘Go and Tell It’ and ‘Keep Your Hand in God’s Plan’ for Growth, Joy, and Musical Enrichment!

Incorporating “Go and Tell It” and “Keep Your Hand in God’s Plan” into your choir’s repertoire brings more than just new music; it brings an opportunity for growth, cultural exploration, and deep, resonant joy. These pieces, with their blend of spiritual themes, rhythmic vitality, and melodic richness, are sure to become staples in your library, beloved by both choir members and audiences. Whether it’s through the lively accompaniment of “Go and Tell It” or the harmonious a cappella challenges of “Keep Your Hand in God’s Plan,” these compositions promise enriching, memorable experiences for all involved. Don’t miss the chance to dive into these spiritually uplifting and musically enriching works with your choir!