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Social Justice

Currently, social justice mirrors many of the struggles of oppressed people from the eighteen hundreds. The mistreatment and senseless killings of ethnic people has launched cries for equality and accountability across the globe.

Spirituals in Worship

We draw inspiration from spirituals to follow and trust in God.

Spirituals in Education

Looking back at the spirituals from the nineteenth century allows us to see how far we have come and much more we need to progress.

About the Michael Dryver Collection

Michael Dryver

Michael works with show choir, mass choir and a new keyboarding ensemble. In addition to teaching at Holy Name School, Michael Dryver serves the Nebraska Arts Council as a choral clinician and composer in his residencies.  Michael has a broad-based teaching experience from public and private schools, and from preschool to collegiate levels.

His vast knowledge of chorale expertise effectively inspires student and adult ensembles alike. His teaching genres and choral composition presentations span neo-classical, vocal, choral jazz, gospel, contemporary Christian, pop and rock. Several of Michael’s original choral works have an international life. “Jericho” was recently performed by the Korean National Choir and “Psalm 100” had it’s debut in New York’s Madison Square