Moses Hogan

Moses Hogan

Moses Hogan, a renowned American composer and arranger, left an indelible mark on choral music, particularly through his exceptional arrangements of African American spirituals. His work elevated traditional spirituals to new heights, blending intricate harmonies, rhythmic vitality, and emotional depth. Hogan’s arrangements are celebrated for capturing the essence of these spirituals while infusing them with his unique artistic vision. His contributions, such as “Ain’t That Good News!” and “I’m Gonna Sing ‘Til the Spirit Moves in My Heart,” have become staples in choral repertoires worldwide. Hogan’s legacy endures as his arrangements continue to be performed, cherished, and recognized for preserving the cultural and historical significance of African American spirituals within the realm of choral music.

Moses Hogan

Choral Spiritual Arrangements

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Beautiful harmonies

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Social Justice

Music brings people from all sorts of life together as one. It has the ability to equalizes us.

Spirituals in Worship

Spirituals are proof that God loves us and will save us out of the darkness.

Spirituals in Education

What better way to teach our children but through song?