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Rollo Dilworth

Rollo Dilworth’s choral spiritual music stands as a testament to his profound artistry. A distinguished composer, Dilworth weaves a rich tapestry of emotive harmonies and dynamic arrangements. His works, like “Freedom Train” and “Didn’t It Rain,” breathe contemporary life into traditional spirituals, resonating with both choirs and audiences. Dilworth’s innovative approach infuses these sacred melodies with a vibrant energy, capturing the essence of spiritual expression. Choirs worldwide find inspiration in the authenticity and soul-stirring power of Dilworth’s compositions, fostering a renewed appreciation for the cultural and historical significance of choral spiritual music in the modern era.

Rollo Dilworth

Choral Spiritual Arrangements

Rollo Dilworth Collection Features

A must have

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Beautiful harmonies

Smooth intervals

Great for choirs of all sizes

Social Justice

Music brings people from all sorts of life together as one. It has the ability to equalizes us.

Spirituals in Worship

Spirituals are proof that God loves us and will save us out of the darkness.

Spirituals in Education

What better way to teach our children but through song?