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Featured Choral Spiritual Medley Arrangements

Christmas Spiritual Medley – SATB Divisi

One of our Chanticleer Choral Series‘ traditional spirituals. This Christmas medley has a cappella arrangements with incredibly tight harmonies that are suitable for skilled voices. Audiences will be delighted with the performance of this moderately difficult piece.

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Medley Of Famous Spirituals – Sab A Cap – SATB

Arranged by Hal Evans, a “Medley Of Famous Spirituals” is a captivating musical tapestry that interlaces beloved musical classics. This arrangement harmoniously combines iconic songs, offering a powerful and emotionally charged experience. Each spiritual carries its unique message, from liberation and resilience to spiritual devotion, collectively painting a vivid picture of the African American experience. The medley, with its seamless transitions and skillful harmonization, becomes a celebration of faith, hope, and a testament to the enduring cultural heritage that these songs represent. It resonates deeply with audiences, transcending time and continuing to inspire.

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Gloryland: A Medley of 4 Traditional Spirituals for SATB Choir

Arranged by the quintessential Stacey V. Gibbs, who is renowned for his skill in reviving cherished spirituals compositions with fresh energy and zest, Gloryland: A Medley of 4 Traditional Spirituals for SATB Choir, Brass Quintet & Timpani is a is a true concert closer and was performed by the 2023 ACDA Mixed Honors Choir.

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Download Instrumental Accompaniment & Ensemble Package

Instrumental Accompaniment & Ensemble Package available for immediate download at Sheet Music Direct. Includes Tuba, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone and Timpani.

Choral spiritual arrangements are an essential part of the rich and diverse tradition of African American spiritual music.

Choral spiritual arrangements are intricate adaptations of traditional African American spirituals for choir performances. These arrangements skillfully harness the power of harmonious voices to convey the spirituals’ profound messages. Composers and arrangers meticulously craft these pieces to maintain the essence and authenticity of the original spirituals while introducing harmonies, dynamics, and involved vocal textures that showcase the versatility of choral ensembles. Choral spiritual arrangements often include evocative melodies, dynamic contrasts, and emotional depth that resonates with both performers and audiences, capturing the spirit of hope, faith, and resilience at the core of these timeless songs. They bridge the gap between history and contemporary artistry, keeping the spiritual tradition alive and accessible.

We deliver quality choral sheet music for well known spiritual arrangements such as Amazing Grace, Go Down Moses, Wade in the Water, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child, Roll Jordon Roll and so many more. Search our vast music catalog of Traditional Spirituals, African-American Spirituals and to find the perfect music piece for your choir and concert performance.

Our large selection of music from accomplished arrangers includes Rosephanye Powell, Andre Thomas, Moses Hogan, Stacey V. Gibbs, Linda Twine, Joseph Jennings, Esther Hinds, Jaqueline Hairston, Raymond Wise, Brandon Boyd, Lela Anderson, Rollo Dilworth and countless more talented choral arrangers.