Spiritual music for TTBB choral voicing enchants with its harmonious blend, infusing sacred melodies with the rich reverberation of tenor, baritone, and bass voices in unison devotion.

These TTBB choral compositions offer a captivating blend of appeal and rhythmic vitality, drawing from both musical and spiritual traditions.

Ascribe to the Lord
Arranged by Rosephanye Powell

Great Day
Arranged by Stacey V. Gibbs

Oh! What a Beautiful City
Arranged by Rollo Dilworth

The Battle of Jericho
Arranged by Moses Hogan and Peter Eklund

Ain’t Got Time to Die
Arranged by Stacey V. Gibbs

Explore five TTBB voicing arrangements of African American Spirituals essential to your music library.

Immerse yourself in the soulful allure of choral spiritual music, where the distinctive TB/TTB/TTBB voicing—Tenor I, Tenor II, Baritone and Bass—unveils a captivating musical tapestry. This vocal arrangement intricately weaves melodies and harmonies, echoing the profound essence of spiritual expression. Rooted in both musical and spiritual traditions, four-part lower-voice choir choral compositions offer a compelling fusion of resonance and rhythmic vitality. Embark on a transformative journey as these TTBB voicing arrangements breathe new life into timeless spiritual pieces, with the enduring spirit of dedication and reverence vibrating through every sound.

Ascribe to the Lord

by Rosephanye Powell

A driving accompaniment and roaring musical lines bring a fresh wind to Psalm 29:1-4.

Although Rosephanye Powell often selects sacred texts for her music, it is the uniqueness of her writing style that enables it to serve both in worship and concert. “Ascribe to the Lord” has been one of her most popular compositions and this arrangement for men’s voices (TTBB) by her husband, William Powell, will spread its popularity even further.


Ascribe to the Lord – TTBB

“Ascribe to the Lord” by Rosephanye Powell is a choral masterpiece that combines powerful vocal arrangements with emotive storytelling. Powell’s composition skillfully weaves themes of praise and devotion, creating a musical journey that builds to triumphant climaxes. The dynamic interplay between voices and the rich harmonies convey a deep sense of reverence. This piece stands as a testament to Powell’s ability to infuse spiritual depth into choral music.

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“Ascribe to the Lord” is also available in SATB, SSAA, SAB and Orchestra choral arrangements.

Composer Notes:

The A section is the exhortation to worship. The B section is the act of worship. And, the brief return to A is the closing exhortation to depart in worship. The piano accompaniment, centered around the pitch c , with chords interspersed, should be played with rhythmic energy and drive. It was premiered by the Plymouth Music Ensemble and Orchestra under the direction of Philip Brunnelle. So, it may help for the pianist to imagine an orchestra. Of course, the piano is unable to provide the powerful accompaniment that would be provided by an orchestra. However, the piano accompaniment in the B section should set up the sense of awe and stirring waters by means of the tension created in the quick repetition of middle c . In this section, the voices should build until they climax on in the unison singing of “The voice of the Lord is POWERFUL!” Be sure to stress POWERFUL and MAJESTIC. This section is the climax of the piece. The release of tension (created in the B section) occurs at the return of the A section. The song then builds to a final climax with the repeat of WORSHIP HIM, each one more emphatic and louder than the preceding one. The final him should be as emphatic and dramatic as possible.

Note to the director: Let the final “HIM” hang in the air (in silence) before relaxing your arms and the choir.

Psalm 29:1-4

Ascribe to the Lord, you heavenly beings,
ascribe to the Lord glory and strength.

Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name;
worship the Lord in the splendor of his[a] holiness.

The voice of the Lord is over the waters;
the God of glory thunders,

the Lord thunders over the mighty waters.

The voice of the Lord is powerful;
the voice of the Lord is majestic.

Great Day

by Stacey V. Gibbs

Immerse yourself in the resonant harmonies and rhythmic vitality of this traditional spiritual for TTBB choral.

Discover the timeless brilliance of “Great Day,” a traditional spiritual presented in a vibrant, rhythmic arrangement by composer Stacey V. Gibbs. Tailored for unaccompanied TTBB voices, this piece enriches the esteemed Andre J. Thomas Choral Series. Released in 2020 by Hinshaw Music, the composition showcases Gibbs’ innovative approach to revitalizing well-known spirituals. The a cappella setting enhances the spiritual and traditional style, making it a must-have for choral enthusiasts seeking medium difficulty repertoire.


Great Day – TB/TTB/TTBB

Stacey V. Gibbs’ choral arrangement of “Great Day” for TB/TTB/TTBB voices is a jubilant musical celebration that exudes vitality and spirit. The piece showcases Gibbs’ exceptional talent in arranging traditional spirituals, infusing them with dynamic harmonies and rhythmic energy. The layered voices, tailored for male choirs, create a powerful and uplifting sonic experience. With a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, Gibbs honors the essence of the original spiritual while adding contemporary flair. The result is a compelling rendition that not only engages singers but also resonates with audiences, making “Great Day” a standout in the choral repertoire.

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“Great Day” is also available in SATB divisi.

The CSULB University Choir, under the direction of conductor Olga Spriggs, performs Stacey V. Gibbs’ Great Day scored for unaccompanied mixed chorus (SATB divisi). Presented by the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University, Long Beach.

Oh! What a Beautiful City

by Rollo Dilworth

Tailored for the rich harmonies of a male TTBB choral ensemble.

Summoning the prophetic imagery of John the Revelator, this African-American Spiritual paints a vivid picture of the twelve gates symbolizing eternal freedom within the city. The arrangement seamlessly blends traditional and original melodic elements, incorporating triadic harmonies and a rhythmic, percussive accompaniment that crescendos to the powerful conclusion of “Hallelu!”

Crafted for the rich harmonies of a male vocal ensemble, the voicing of this composition is set for a TTBB choral group. Renowned arranger Rollo Dilworth lends his expertise to this piece, adding depth and creativity to the musical interpretation. “Oh! What a Beautiful City” is part of Hal Leonard’s Henry Leck Creating Artistry music series.


Oh! What a Beautiful City – TTBB

Painting a vivid picture of John the Revelator’s visions, this African American spiritual has been crafted for a male vocal ensemble. The arrangement blends traditional and original melodies, with triadic harmonies and a rhythmic, percussive accompaniment leading to the powerful conclusion. Rollo Dilworth’s creativity and expertise adds great depth to the musical interpretation of this fantastic piece.

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“Oh! What a Beautiful City” is also available in SSA and SATB voicings.

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The Battle of Jericho

by Moses Hogan & Peter Eklund

An impressive and fresh interpretation of a timeless and impactful spiritual composition.

The TTBB a cappella rendition of “The Battle of Jericho,” arranged by Moses Hogan and Peter Eklund, stands as a captivating musical masterpiece that has enthralled audiences since its introduction in 1996. This arrangement, known for its electrifying impact, has become a showstopper, and now both men’s and women’s choirs can partake in the exhilaration through these fresh adaptations. With a duration of approximately 2 minutes and 15 seconds, this arrangement promises to bring the same dynamic excitement to choirs, allowing them to immerse themselves in the powerful and timeless spirit of this spiritual composition.


The Battle of Jericho – TTBB A Cappella

“The Battle of Jericho” is a captivating musical masterpiece. Renowned for its electrifying impact, this traditional spiritual arrangement has been adapted TTBB choir and will bring dynamic excitement to your choral performance.

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“The Battle of Jericho” is also available in SSAA a Cappella and SATB divisi a cappella choral arrangements.

Moses Hogan

Did you know Moses Hogan’s artist prowess extended beyond music?

In addition to his musical brilliance, Moses Hogan found solace and inspiration in painting during his spare time. The renowned composer and arranger, celebrated for his contributions to choral music, revealed another dimension of his artistic expression through the creation of visually captivating and emotive paintings.

Ain’t Got Time to Die

by Stacey V. Gibbs

“Ain’t Got Time to Die” is an outstanding concert finale.

The TTBB a cappella rendition of “Ain’t Got Time to Die” showcases Stacey V. Gibbs’s mastery in infusing a timeless spiritual favorite with a contemporary vibrancy. Gibbs, known for his skill in bridging the past with a fresh sound, unveils an energetic arrangement that premiered at the ACDA National Convention in 2015, directed by Jefferson Johnson. Serving as an exceptional concert closer, this arrangement is part of the National/Emerson Fred Bock series, offering choirs a compelling opportunity to embrace the rich heritage of spirituals while experiencing a renewed and invigorating musical perspective.


Ain’t Got Time to Die – TTBB a cappella

Elevated by Stacey V. Gibbs’s mastery, “Ain’t Got Time to Die” is an outstanding concert finale. The TTBB a cappella rendition demonstrates Gibbs’s adeptness at infusing a timeless spiritual favorite with a modern vibrancy, showcasing his ability to seamlessly connect the past with a fresh and dynamic sound.

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